Curtis Frillmann

Curtis Frillmann

Known for his recycled paintings, Curtis Frillmann paints landscapes on artist made canvases made from salvaged sheet metal or compressed recycled milk jugs. While Frillmann's work is beautiful in its own right, his media choice and pastoral subjects reference the struggle man has over the land.

While his materials are often sourced from a scrap heap, Frillmann creates very formally constructed pieces. The recycled metal and plastic canvases are often mistaken for glaze on tile and encaustic paintings.

Frillmann explains: "By recycling objects, themes and even the titles, I express how contemporary images and objects can mingle with traditional forms, just as the modern world today mingles so closely with the natural world. I confront the idea of what is valuable in our society. While my work shows an underlying concern for our environment, it also seeks to reveal something beautiful. Thus, the multidimensionality of materials, overall image, and message reflect my aim to unveil layers of our reality, and to acknowledge the wonder of how things are so much more than they appear."

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