2nd Anniversary Show - 3rd year, 3 artists, 3 media

2nd Anniversary Show - 3rd year, 3 artists, 3 media

7.17.10 - 8.20.10
360SEE is proud to be presenting work by 3 artists new to the gallery in 3 different media for the start of our 3rd year.

Eric Bessel:
Brooklyn photographer Eric Bessel's daily commute and shuffle of the workday often puts him staring at the backsides of people's heads. His newly completed series of photographs, grass / hair , explores the similarities in captured moments of wind-combed marsh grass and the parts and tufts of hair on the back of people's heads. Bessel observed: "It [the grass] looked like hair. Lots of hair blowing effortlessly in the wind. Cowlicks, greasy matted hair, stringy dry desperate hair ... emerging only for a moment, then fading away into the blades of dead grass."

Stephanie Dueck:
Metal sculptor Stefanie Dueck creates fine art, jewlery, and one-of-a-kind flatware out of her Vancouver studio. Working in lost wax casting, hot forged steel, welding, and further trained as a blacksmith, Dueck's sculptures often focus on the relationship between animals, material, and environment.

Heidi Martin Kuster:
Chicago trained painter Heidi Martin Kuster currently resides with her family and creates art in Paris after relocating from Barcelona via the United States.

The exhibited series of work by Kuster focuses on geological forms starting from a micro focus such as small pebbles and rocks developing into images that evoke the feel of vast aerial cartography. The pieces in this series are an assemblage of gouache painted tree-free paper and consumer plastic and aluminum from organic food containers. Kuster notes that in her work she is, "simply taking note of the notations that we are making on the earth, and recognizing the chemical impact of human existence."

Work by gallery represented artists from the last 2 years will also be on display.

"Thank you for your enthusiasm, patronage, interest, and support of 360SEE over the last two years. We look forward to the future of 360SEE and the continued awareness of the inspiring fine and functional art consistent with the gallery's sustainably-minded media-choice philosophy."
-Jordan Witkov Director, 360SEE

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