Anatomy of a Book

Anatomy of a Book

3.13.09 - 5.1.09
Anatomy of a Book: Small Works by Jennifer Khoshbin, Suzanna Scott & Patricia Swanson
All of the works in the show, while vastly different in style and execution, address the Anatomy of a Book.

Jennifer Khoshbin's book sculptures and book drawings explore the physical manipulation of a book's structure by carving into books to alter or accentuate a narrative, line, or word with a whimsical result. Khoshbin's music books transform books into playful auditory sculptures pairing titles like Dorthy's Travels playing Over the Rainbow. Concurrent to exhibiting at 360SEE, Khoshbin's work is featured in a group exhibition at the Bellevue Arts Museum in Bellevue Washington.

Suzanna Scott's Doll Houses incorporate anatomical drawings from turn-of-the-century medical books and journals that she uses to construct imaginative anatomical assemblages with repurposed wood and discarded doll parts.

Patricia Swanson, a former University of Chicago librarian, creates mixed media pieces from discarded books combining their parts to make wonderful textural collages. Swanson's work embraces the aged skin-like beauty and fragility of stained pages, discolored covers, cracked spines, broken bindings, and tattered threads -- breathing new life into titles that were otherwise destined for the trash heap.

Fine art, functional art, furniture, and design objects by gallery represented artists and designers will also be on display in the lower level gallery.

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