Arrested Moments - Portraits by Chris Crites

Arrested Moments - Portraits by Chris Crites

3.19.10 - 4.20.10
For the last ten years Chris Crites has been known for his tightly rendered and flawlessly detailed four and five color portraits hand-painted on brown paper bags.

Crites' new series for 360SEE, titled Arrested Moments, consists of (8) painted portraits of accused criminals from early 20th century Australian mug shots. The new series is joined by (3) recently completed portraits of mug shots from Kitsap County, WA, a familiar source of material for Seattle based Crites.

In addition to Crites' wonderful color choice combinations and phenomenal technical skill the relationship between his 'otherwise-disposable' media choice and subject matter is equally compelling.

In his own words, Chris Crites describes his work:
Looking at mug shots is not too dissimilar from looking at someone's school year book from the past. Those captured moments when the camera seizes the expression; be it indifferent, indignant, arrogant, embarrassed, terrified. These are the photos from graduating into another stage of life. Was this the outfit they wanted to be remembered in? Were they just wishing no one would ever see it?
This is why I am fascinated by mug shots, looking into a special moment in someone else's world. All those different stories. All those different reasons for ending up in front of the camera, like it or not.

-Chris Crites

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