Heidi Martin Kuster: New Works on Paper

Heidi Martin Kuster: New Works on Paper

9.14.12 - 10.26.12 



Heidi Martin Kuster is a career expat currently living and working in Paris with her family.  Her paintings are heavily influenced by earth, water, and the effects that the elements have on the environment - both fleeting and permanent. 

Kuster's exhibition, "New Works on Paper", meets at the apex of her regular travels and environmental observations.  The smaller scale of these works on paper allowed her to begin each work on-site, with locations ranging from North Carolina, to the Bahamas, to the waters of France. The (12) paintings, all gouache on paper, vary from single image examinations of wet rocks viewed under a microscope, to representations of massive boulder trails, to wash layered diptychs and triptychs following water ripples to the end of the paper.

In her own words, Heidi talks about the series:

Our earth is covered by water, sand, soil, and ice. In this series I have studied water, its cycle, and the marks it makes in its repetition.  Looking longer, I once again found impressions in surface notations…the stuff that sticks and holds in the circuit of water. The notations in a rock, or a shell, are formed constantly, eroded and created again. This infinite process holds my attention and defines the compositions in these paintings. 

-Heidi Martin Kuster

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