HeidiMartinKuster Selected Works, 2007-2010

HeidiMartinKuster Selected Works, 2007-2010

02.15.11 - 03.18.11
Select works by Heidi Martin Kuster will be on display online, in Chicago, and Paris in conjunction with the 360SEE publication of Heidi Martin Kuster's book HeidiMartinKuster Select Works, 2007-2010. Contact 360SEE for information on Chicago and Paris viewings.

At first blush the work of Heidi Martin Kuster can read as abstract or non-representational, but her paintings are as conceptually considered as they are adeptly executed. Whether with her large oil paintings focusing on hyper-magnified pebbles or her smaller gouache on paper pieces deconstructing the smallest geological forms to create grids with the feel of vast aerial cartography, Kuster's work is nothing if not reflective on the origin, evolution, and impact of time on the world through her eyes.
She explores painting with a reverence to nature not only as a subject but also within her process. Each gestural marking and stroke of the brush references the marks placed upon the world by both nature and humankind.
Kuster displays a natural connection to her media. She relies on the texture and character of the canvas, wood, and handmade paper upon which she creates. Just as the evolution of one of Kuster's oblong polished stone subjects was influenced over time by nature and environment, elements of her paintings are dictated by the texture of thread, grain, and pulp. These paintings tell the not-often-told history of the world found in each pebble kicked down the road by wind, storm, child, and short sight.

-Jordan Witkov Director, 360SEE

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