(Not So) New Shoes - Official Earth Day 2010 Event

(Not So) New Shoes - Official Earth Day 2010 Event

4.23.10 - 5.31.10
This year's annual 360SEE Earth Day Show, (Not So) New Shoes - Official Earth Day 2010 Event is the first solo show of self-described junk art sculptor Gabriel Dishaw.

Dishaw's newest series of work consist of (7) new pairs of artistically licensed 1:1 scale reproductions of collectible Nike sneakers made out of recycled computer parts, electronics, found metals, and other upcycled materials. Each pair is matched to a vintage piece of luggage that Dishaw retrofits into a custom labeled shoebox used to secure the shoes for travel and display.

In his own words Dishaw speaks on working with found media:
My passion for working with metal and mechanical objects has been crucial in the evolution of my art. It provides an avenue for me to express myself in a way that both satisfies my love for creating art while re-using items that would otherwise end up in a land-fill.
I create sculptural objects that not only promote visual and tactile interest but provokes others to really appreciate how much we dispose of each day and the impact that our behavior has on our environment. I want to inspire others to think beyond the conventional route when it comes to recycling.

From the start of the exhibition until the end of May, 360SEE will serve as a depository for old laptops, personal computers, typewriters, and other electronic components for Gabriel Dishaw to use in future sculptures. All materials deposited that are not useable by Dishaw will be properly recycled to keep as many harmful and toxic materials out of our landfills.

In addition to Dishaw's sculptural sneakers he has also designed (3) custom wearable designs of the classic Nike shoe the Air Force One. The "Air Force One (Wired)" in Green, Orange, and Copper are available in a made-to-order limited edition of (5) pairs per design.
All of the proceeds from Dishaw's customized Air Force One shoes will be donated to the Earth Day Network. These limited edition sneakers will be available, while supplies last, 4.16.10 - 04.22.10 at St. Alfred sneaker boutique and 4.23.10 - 5.31.10 at 360SEE.

In addition to Dishaw's sculptures, 360SEE will also be premiering the "Greenaid Dispenser" by design duo Commonstudio made up of Daniel Phillips and Kim Karlsrud. Commonstudio has created (3) varieties of seedbombs specifically for 360SEE with species indigenous to the Chicagoland area.

The opening of this year's annual Earth Day Show "(Not So) New Shoes" is an Official Earth Day 2010 Event. In recognition of the sustainable minded curatorial philosophy of the gallery, 360SEE and director Jordan Witkov were recently recognized by Earth Day Network as part of their "Artist for the Earth" 40th Anniversary Earth Day initiative.

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